Lumber and Building Materials

If you are a contractor or weekend warrior, Richert Lumber Ace Hardware carries exactly what you neet to complete your project.  We have more than 30 years of experience serving the needs of our customers.  Whether you are looking for Douglas Fir, Redwood, Pressure Treated, or sheet goods we carry a wide selection of superior quality lumber and building materials.  We also have an extensive moulding department with everything you need to complete a room with a finishing accent.


  • Smooth Redwood

    Const/All Heart
    1x4x8   1x4x16   1x6x8    1x6x16 
    2x4x8   2x4x10   2x4x12  2x4x16
    2x6x8   2x6x10   2x6x12  2x6x16  2x6x20
    2x8x8   2x8x16   2x12x8  2x12x16
    4x4x8   4x4x10   4x4x12 
    4x6x8   4x6x12

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  • Douglas Fir

    std/btr   2x4x8     2x4x10    2x4x12    2x4x16     2x4x20
    std/btr   2x4xStud
    #2/btr     2x6x8     2x6x10    2x6x12    2x6x16     2x6x20  
    #2/btr     2x8x8     2x8x10    2x8x12    2x8x16     2x8x20 
    #2/btr   2x10x8     2x10x10  2x10x12   2x10x16   2x10x20
    #2/btr   2x12x8     2x12x10  2x12x12   2x12x16   2x12x20 

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  • Pressure Treated Browntone

    4x4x8   4x4x10     4x4x12  
    4x6x8   4x6x10     4x6x12  
    6x6x8   6x6x10     6x6x12  

    2x4x8     2x4x12   2x4x16
    2x6x8     2x6x12   2x6x16  
    2x8x8     2x8x16  
    2x12x8   2x12x16

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  • 4" and 6" Lumber

    std/btr: 4x4x12

    4x6x8     4x6x10     4x6x12    4x6x16
    4x8x8     4x8x12     4x8x16  
    4x10x8   4x10x12   4x10x16
    4x12x8   4x12x12   4x12x16   4x12x20
    6x6x8     6x6x10    6x6x12     6x6x16
    6x8x8     6x8x10    6x8x12     6x8x16   6x8x20
    6x12x8   6x12x16

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  • Sheet Goods (wood)

    4x8 CDX Wood*
    3/8" 1/2"  5/8" 3/4"
    Pressure Treated: 1/2"    3/4"
    Fire Treated: 1/2"  3/4"

    Structural 1 Plywood*
    3/8" sizes: 4x8   4x9   4x10
    1/2" sizes: 4x8   4x9   4x10

    Sturdi Floor T&G*   4x8
    5/8" 3/4" 1-1/8" 2-4-1 4x8 3/4"

    OSB* 4x8
    3/8" 1/2” 3/4” Plywood
    1/2" Radiant Bar

    OSB Structural 1*
    3/8" sizes: 4x8, 4x9, 4x10
    1/2" sizes: 4x8, 4x9, 4x10

    ACX Plywood* 4X8
    1/4"   3/8"  1/2" 5/8" 3/4"

    * Reminder/Industry Standard:
    All sheet thicknesses are 1/32 smaller

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  • Sheet Goods

    ALL 4x8:
    Sheetrock:  1/4"  1/2"

    Fire Rated Sheetrock:  5/8"

    Mold/Moisture Resistant: 1/2"  5/8"

    Particle Board: 3/8"  1/2"  5/8" 3/4"

    MDF: 1/4"  1/2"  5/8"  3/4" 1"

    Hardboard good 1 side: 1/8"  1/4"
    Pegboard good 1 side: 1/4"

    White Good 1 Side: 1/4"
    White Good 2 Side: 1/2" 5/8" 3/4"
    Cherry Plain Slice:  1/4" A4      3/4" A1

    Birch: 1/4"  A3,    1/2" C2
    White Birch:   3/4"
    Pre-Finished C4:   1/4"
    Maple CW:  1/2"   1/2"
    Pre-Finished: C2
    Maple C2: 3/4"
    AB Marine Plywood: 1/2"   3/4"
    Sound Board: 1/2"
    White Building Board:  1/2"

    Denshield:  32"X5'
    Cement Backer Board:  3X5 1/4" and 1/2"

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  • Rough Redwood

    Const/All Heart
    1x4x8     1x4x16  
    1x6x8     1x6x16  
    1x8x5     1x8x6       1x8x8
    1x12x8   1x12x16
    2x4x8     2x4x10     2x4x16
    2x6x8     2x6x12     2x6x16
    2x8x8     2x8x16  
    2x12x8   2x12x16
    4x4x8     4x4x10     4x4x12 
    4x6x8     4x6x10     4x6x12 

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