Rocks and Fountains

Whether you are creating a playground or an accent piece for your yard we are a one stop shop for all the supplies you will need.

  • We carry a large selecion of soil, rock, and mulch as well as fountains and other accent pieces to create the perfect getaway.
  • We also carry hardscape materials to keep your driveway and walkways looking polished and new.


Our Services

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  • Special Orders
  • Local Delivery
  • Key Cutting
  • Paint Matching
  • Custom Lumber Milling

Price Match*

If you find a lower price at any of our local competitors, we will match that price.

* Certain restrictions apply, visit store for details

Hardscape- Retaining Wall

Allan Block Europa

Dover 8" X 10 1/2" X 18"
Palermo 8" X 9 1/2" X 9"
Barcelona 4" X 10 1/2" X 18"
Bordeaux 4" X 10 1/2" X 9"
Corner 8" X 8" X 18"
Europa Cap 4" X 11" X 18"

Allan Block

Classic 8" X 12" X 18"
Jumbo Junior 8" X 9 1/2" X 9"
Lite Stone 4" X 10 1/2" X 18"
Corner (6 degrees) 8" X 8" X 16"
Cap Stone 4" X 12" X 18"

Allan Block Courtyard

Dublin 6" X 7" X 17"
York 6" X 7" X 7 1/2" or 9"
Corner 6" X 7" X 16"
Wall Cap 3 1/2" X 10" X 9" or 7"
Post Cap (1 Pair) 12" X 24"

Garden Wall

Garden Rock 4" X 9" X 12"
Legacy 12" X 6" X 16"

Versa Lok Mosaic

Standard 12" X 6" X 16"
Accent 12" X 4" X 12"
Cobble 12" X 6" X 8"
Half Accent 12" X 4" X 6"
Halves 12" X 6" X 8"
"A" Cap Out Curve 12" X 3 5/8" X 14"
"B" Cap In Curve 12" X 3 5/8" X 14"
Rectangle Cap 12" X 3 5/8" X 15 5/8"

Versa Lok

Standard 6" X 12" X 16"
"A" Cap (Outside) 3 5/8" X 12" X 14"
"B" Cap (Inside) 3 5/8" X 12" X 14"
Rectangle Cap 12" X 3 5/8" X 15 5/8"

Belgard Wall Systems

Celtik Wall
Celtik Wall Cap
Celtik Step/Riser
Belair Wall SRW (stock colors)
Belair Wall SRW (non-stock)
Belair Wall FSW (stock colors)
Belair Wall FSW (non-stock)
Belair Corner/Collumn (stock colors)
Belair Corner/Collumn (non-stock)
Belair Cap (stock colors)
Belair Cap (non-stock)
Highland Stone 6 & 12 SRW & FSW
Highland Stone 18" SRW & FSW
Highland Stone Pillar
Highland Stone Cap
Weston Wall


Bulk Materials

Con Mix
1/4" X Dust
3/8" Drain Rock
3/4" Drain Rock
3/4" Crushed Rock
Base Rock
Forest Humus
Sandy Loam
Planters Mix
Nitrolized Redwood
Garden Mix
Mini Bark
Playground Bark
Mocha Mini Bark
Shredded Bark
Small Bark
Black Mini Bark
Walk On Bark
Noiya Pebble 1x2
Noiya Cobble 3x5
Noiya Cobble 4x8
Gold fines
# 2 Plaster Sand
#1 Oly Sand
Top Sand


Moss Rock
Cypress Stone 6"-14"
Cypress Stone Ledge
Porous Stone
Sierra Boulders
Misty Mountain- 8"-12"
Glacier Mist- 8"-12"
Mexican Pot Rock
Edged Granite
Grey/White Granite 6"-9"
Canadian Mica- Green
Canadian Mica- Rose
Water Worn Granite
Las Vegas
Palm Springs Gold 6"-12"
Palm Springs Gold
Siskiyou Gold
Basalt Column
Basalt Dish Rock
Three Rivers- Mini/Ledge
Utah Purple Cobble

Natural Stone

Arizona Flagstone

Buff- Patio
Buff- Select
Buff- 1" Minus
Classic Oak- Patio
Classic Oak- Select
Classic Oak 1"- Minus
Rosa- Patio
Rosa- Select
Rosa- 1" Minus
Rosa- Tumbled
Sedona Red- Patio
Sedona Red- Select
Sedona Red- 1" Minus
Tan- Patio
Tan- Select
Tan- 1" Minus
Alpine White- Patio


Silver- 1" Minus
Canyon Gold- 1" Minus
Silver/Gold- 1" Minus
Rolling Hills
Blue Mica
Cowboy Coffee


Bluestone- Random sizes
Bluestone- Select
Bluestone- Patio
Tumbled Garden Path- Rustic
Tumbled Garden Path- Sawn

Cobble Pavers

New York St. Cobble
Black Street Cobble


Colorado Skippers
Sunburst Pebble


Round flagstone steps
Black Shale
Bouquet Canyon- Thin
Bouquet Canyon- Thick
Coldwater Canyon
Flat Lava- 1"-3"
Flat Lava- 3"-4"
Rainbow Flagstone
Petrified Seashore- Patio
Petrified Seashore- Select
Three Rivers- Patio
Three Rivers- Select
Three Rivers- Tumbled
Sonora Gold- 1.5"-2.5"
Sonora Gold- 1" Minus
Smoke Flagstone- 1"-2"
Cypress Stone- Patio

Hardscape- Paving Stone

Paving Stones- McNear

Slatestone- Charcoal/Tan
Belgian Cobble
Old Country Cobble- Charcoal/Tan
Cobble Stone- Charcoal/Tan/Grey
Canyon Cobble
Permiable Slatestone
Permiable Cobble
Permiable Canyon Cobble

Paving Stones- Calstone

Quarry Stone
River Rock
Classic Cobble
Antiqued Mission
Bishops Hat
Quarry Permiable

Paving Stones- Belgard

Cambridge Cobble
Catalina Stone
Holland Stone
Dublin Cobble
Mega Bergerac
Mega Arbel
Arbel II
Urbana Stone 80mm
Urbana Stone 60mm
Old World
Mega Lafitt
Lafitt Patio Slab