Richert Lumber

Organic stain remover

About This Product

The Techniseal® Organic Stain Remover is formulated to remove moss and mildew as well as tough organic stains left by dead leaves, blood, wine and non-greasy food on concrete pavers, slabs and walls, natural stone, poured or stamped concrete, etc. Our Organic Stain Remover works without damaging or discoloring the material. It can safely remove the toughest stains. It is recommended for both bare and sealed surfaces.

Effectively removes moss, mildew, dead leaves, wine, blood and non-greasy food stains

Requires minimum scrubbings

Easy to rinse



Use on : Natural Stone, Brick, Concrete Paver, Concrete Slab, Interior Concrete, Interlocking Paver, Poured Concrete, Stamped Concrete, Stone, Wet Cast Paver